Short Film


This short film is a love story about a guy who lies about himself to win a girl heart. The story revolves around Rohit and Roshni. It's about being real and finding true love without being fake. What happens when Roshni finds the truth? Watch the short film "Shayar-e-Ishq"

Short Film

Raahein Zindagi Ki

This short film is about the importance of life. Life is precious and once lost we can never get it back. Raahein Zindagi Ki is about a boy named "Rahul" who decides to quit his life but want to spend one day with his old friends. Will he change his decision? Watch "Raahein Zindagi Ki" to find the answer.

Web Series

7 Fears

7 Fears is about 7 Games that Raj has to play to get the money for his engineering fees. So what challenges he faces? Where this game will lead him to? 7 Fears has total 7 Episodes.